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We provide you with choice of a "Selfie Booth" ,"Classic Booth",  or our newest package, "The Simple Booth", which are all user-friendly photo booths with either Digital Only package or a Digital with Prints package. Both packages are well appropriate for providing ease and simplicity with some class to make your event run smoothly with some enjoyment while making memories for you and your guests.  The difference is that our "Classic Photo Booth" provides a higher quality photos. 

We cater to customed designed Welcome-screens, variety of fun and custom-made props (majority made by MSPB), and custom-designed photo templates included with every event to best accommodate each event giving it that quality-checked touch!

Digital Only Package

Smaller event or rather have uploads straight to social media?

Select this package to have guests take their photos, boomerangs, and GIF's and have them send it straight to the phone and email and have it ready for upload to social media. 

Digital + Prints Package

Want you and your guests to have the best both worlds?

Select this package to have guest enjoy the ease of uploading to social media and also go home with a souvenir of your special event.

 Selfie Booth

Classic Booth

"Selfie Booth"
"Classic Booth"

"Simple Booth"


Our "Selfie Booth" is a simplified, modern mirror-face digital photo booth that utilizes an ipad for a camera. This booth includes a ring light with adjustable brightness in the stand for professional- quality lighting in any environment. It's sleek design allows for portability, making it perfect for any event. 

The "Classic Booth" creates "Photo Studio- Quality" images with an included digital photo booth structure, that contains a professional flash with adjustable power.

This entails more defined photos, resulting in a higher quality experience for those special events. 

The "Simple Booth" utilizes the Selfie Booth machine and is designed to be a self-ran booth.  The package only includes the digital-only aspects, no attendant present, and no physical props. The package is good for the entire day or entire duration of your event. We simply drop-off and set-up your booth and we return later to break it down. 

Additional Services

Audio Guestbook 

This audio guestbook is a fun addition to your event. This Classic Rotary Phone, is no ordinary phone. Instead of simply having written messages from your guests, now you can have personalized recordings of your guests wishes that can be kept a lifetime. Two color options available: Black & Beige


Customized Guest Photo Album

  • Photo Guestbook

    • Clients have the choice to have a photo guest album made during their event, where a second copy of the photos from the photo booth will be printed and glued into a scrap book photo album and guest can write a short message/ greeting by their photo. ​​

  • Photo Album of Copies

    • Another option for clients can be photo album of copies of their guests' photo's compiled in an album and given at the end of the event.

**Layout of photos will be MSPBs choice.

**Either size of photo album is included in price. (Choice of: 11x 10.8" or 13x12.8")


USB Drive Keepsake

  • Option to also have all your photos, GIFs, and Boomerangs saved on a USB drive that will also be labeled with celebrant's name, initials or date of event. 


The Glam Effect- (K. Kardashian Look)

  • The trend of Hollywood "Kardashian"- type look has taken off and this feature will accenuate your event! This additional feature will give all your photos the flawless and youthful glow look. They are social media-ready pictures with flawless skin, perfect makeup, and professional lighting every time! For that clean look, we preferably use a white backdrop and minimal design for the template(s).

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